Long Island SAT & ACT Tutors

For Your Future College Student

Helping Your Student Build Their Knowledge

ACT Tutors in Long Island for Your Future College Student

Standardized testing can be nerve-racking for any student, but it doesn’t have to be! Your child will be ready to take their ACT exam in no time with guidance from our expert tutors.

By helping your student build their knowledge in the various ACT subjects, going over practice tests and questions, and working on their test-taking skills, they will feel more confident and more ready than ever before taking this crucial exam. Their test scores will reflect just that!

Building Their Confidence

ACT and SAT Prep for Success

Preparing for the SAT exam can be stressful for your student on top of all their other school work. Help your child stay focused and get equipped with private tutoring. They will thank you for giving them the opportunity to receive one-on-one help and get meaningful study time.

Our tutors will help your child gain proper test-taking skills, increase their knowledge of the subject matter, review practice tests and questions, and, most importantly, build their confidence, so they are ready to do their best on the test!

SAT and ACT Session Options

Our SAT and ACT exam tutors specialize in helping students optimize their test scores to help them get accepted to the college of their choice.

Sessions are $75 per hour (4-hour blocks), which includes evaluating their strengths and weaknesses.

Virtual and in-person options available!