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Education by Educators

Students on home instruction have different needs, schedules and expectations than their classmates. Understanding and addressing these dynamics are our specialties.

We are educators first. We take pride in optimizing education to enhance your child’s readiness skill set and to prepare them for the challenges of the 21st century. It is proven that students learn at various rates, through various modalities, and believe that a student’s success is dependent on an appropriate attitude, serious commitment, and the right assistance. By utilizing Long Island Tutorial Services, Inc (L.I.T.S.) students have an opportunity to demonstrate high academic performance.

Emotional growth, grades and assessments are key ways schools view children. Children on home instruction may have different metrics. We individually tailor our approach and devise an education strategy for success. Our management team has over fifty years of diverse experience. Accredited specialist are involved from day one to insure appropriate instruction. We pride ourselves in providing professional supportive services and effective communication that will complement the coordinated close instruction between classroom teachers, parents and students.

Basic principles that Long Island Tutorial Services stand by:

Students first philosophy

Tutors and specialists formulate a learning plan based on the teacher’s direction.

We offer a vast network of over 200 certified professionals

Our tutors and specialists reinforce key common core concepts.

Award winning customer service tutor matching, IEP/504 sensitivity

At L.I.T.S our motto is “Where Students Come First” Long Island Tutorial Services, Inc., is a comprehensive educational service provider. We are fully insured and certified by the New York State Commissioner of Education. Our teachers focus on the whole child, in accord with the common core standards and Career/College readiness skills to prepare them for future success.