Tutoring Services K-12

Private and One-on-One Approach

One-on-One Learning

Long Island Private Tutoring for K-12

There is no right way to learn, and for some students, a more private and one-on-one approach is all they need for optimized success.

Though each grade level provides its list of challenges for today’s students, our certified staff of teachers is here to help with whatever struggles they may face.

From state testing to college prep, our professional team can provide that extra attention your child needs to make the most of each school year. With the personalized, one-on-one learning experience, your child can see improved grades, strengthen problem areas, and raise college entrance exam scores.Tendencies can become strengths and focus can improve.

The One-on-One Experience

Is your student soaring in all subjects but struggling with math? Are their science grades suffering this year?

A private tutor can give your child the confidence they need to speak freely about things they are not absorbing or understanding and provide them with the tools they need for success.

A certified tutor with a subject-specific background can help ensure your child gets the best education available.


Customizable Individual Tutoring

Our certified teachers can provide subject-specific help for students grade K-12 and fully support the common core standards.

Our tutors follow strict CDC guidelines, sessions can be in person (either at your home or at the local library) or virtual and start at $60 per hour.

Let us help you provide your child with the tools they need to succeed.