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Certified Educational Support

Whole New World of Education

Certified Educational Support

Teachers now more than ever are facing a whole new world of education and our team is ready and willing to help lend a hand.

If you notice your students or your student’s parents are struggling as we enter this new school year, there are a variety of support options the staff at Long Island Tutorial Services can offer.

Hundreds of students across Long Island have sharpened their skills, improved confidence, and raised their self-esteem through our service (to 30+ Districts) over the past decade. We are ever adapting to the educational world, supporting the core standards, and offer a variety of virtual options, too.


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Our Free Parent Seminar

Parent Seminars For Virtual Learning

Finding your child’s parents are struggling with your virtual platform?

Our free parent seminar options teach parents how to navigate Google Classroom and Microsoft Teams so that they can help guide their children in the right direction for online schooling.

Tutoring Options Available For All Students

Besides options for parents, our many tutoring services for students are here to help your classroom grow and learn. From virtual tutoring to POD learning, you can trust that your students and their classroom will be in good hands with us. We have:

  • An available tutor for a 2 hr session within 24 hours to assist with any “emergency” help. Both virtual and in-person options available. $130 (2 hours – 1 session).
  • Create your own POD or come to ours, in person or virtual. Group tutoring fees are lower per hour – prices dependent on POD enrollment.
  • Individual tutoring, $60. Per hour. A certified teacher for any specific subject, both in person or virtual options available.
  • A variety of test prep services to help kids optimize their test scores.
  • Special needs and ESL tutors available too.

LITS is ready and willing to provide the extra support your students need to reach their full potential.