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Students Come First

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Our Mission

We are a comprehensive educational service provider in NYS that focuses on the whole child. We fully support the common core standards and take pride in our efforts to prepare students for a successful career/college readiness skill set for their future success.

At Long Island Tutorial Services (LITS) our motto is quibus discipuli primum venire “Where Students Come First.” This is no mere slogan; it is the bar I set for my professionals.

We are forever adapting to the new way of learning and offering services to support that. We acknowledge and promote student responsibility and accountability for their education. We also recognize that students learn at various rates through various modalities. A student’s success is dependent on an appropriate attitude, serious commitment, and the right assistance, something we believe to our core.

By utilizing LITS, students have an opportunity to demonstrate high academic performance and optimize their education. There are many other agencies out there, the difference is that when difficulties arise, our office is staffed 8AM – 4PM to overcome challenges in real-time. We offer on-call tutoring in the case on “emergency” may arise and are fully insured and certified by the New York State Commissioner of Education.

Our administrators strive to keep the lines of communication clear to ensure transparency and accountability. If questions remain do not hesitate, call for prompt attention to all your concerns regarding tutoring.

Working together for Success

Our Community

We work with Kiwanis of Sayville to support Angels of Long Island and our community families!

Working together for Success

Our Community

We work with Kiwanis of Sayville to support Angels of Long Island and our community families!

Meet The Owner/President

Dr. A. Olsen
– President / Owner

Dr. A. Olsen – President / Owner


Dr. Alesia Olsen is the third of four children born in suburban Long Island to a businessman father and mother who was an administrator at Cleary’s School for the Deaf. She learned sign language before she could speak. Although she struggled academically in high school, she was drawn to education and began working with the deaf in 1985. While pursuing her undergraduate degrees in Elementary Education and Special Education, she developed a penchant for turning can’t into can do.

Dr. Olsen’s life experiences informed her academic pursuits as she attained her Masters in Teaching American Sign Language. She has instructed hundreds of students at Columbia University, Hofstra University, LI University, St. Joseph’s College and many Long Island high schools. Dr Olsen is a grandmother of two, a published author, a motivational presenter at national conferences and a respected colleague in the field of education.

Alesia Olsen came to be tutoring the same way as most teachers, for the extra cash. While writing her doctoral thesis the plight of students on Homebound Instruction crystallized the philosophy underpinning Long Island Tutorial Services. Almost a decade ago she partnered up to make the dream of providing high quality, student centered home instruction a reality. Today Long Island Tutorial Services, Inc, is one of the premiere tutoring agencies in the region, servicing over 20 districts and more than 300 students annually. In August of 2018, Dr. Olsen became the President of Long Island Tutorial Services. She is looking forward to improving and expanding the services her company provides.”

Still Have A Question?

The extra help from tutoring can aid your children with the proper studying, test-taking, and skill growing tools they’ll need to succeed! We are here to improve your child’s academic success.


We Offer Private Tutoring

The challenges facing this generation are faster and more global then ever before. Social media and peer pressure erode sureness and makes focus more difficult. Focus is key to comprehension. Mediocrity is not self-correcting. Private Tutoring can fill in the gaps and improve focus by morphing individual tendencies into strengths.
Hundreds of students across Long Island have sharpened their skills, improved confidence and raised their self-esteem though our service (to 30+ Districts) over the past decade. Our flexible schedules and affordable rates create access for the average family. Give your student the benefit of the awarding-winning attention Long Island Tutorial Services provides.