Special Education

Understanding Our Students

We’re Here For You

Special Education Services in Long Island

Special education is the practice of educating students in a way that allows them to receive additional help depending on their specific needs and individual circumstances. Certain learning challenges or disabilities might alter the way your child can be taught. With the right educational tools, and strategies, what might once have seemed like learning roadblocks can now be overcome with confidence.

Understanding Our Students

Here at Long Island Tutorial Services, we work with our students and their families to create a specific educational program that centers around the needs of the individual students. We work to understand our students and what works best for them and their educational needs. From virtual appointments to in-person classes, we’re here for you.

Why It Matters

Our teachers understand how important a student’s education is, and that is why we cater to any and all students who need that extra push to excel in all they do. Our special education program is designed to meet the individual needs of whoever needs our services.