POD Tutoring

Small Group of Students Who Learn Together

POD Tutoring Services on Long Island

Now Offering POD Tutoring in all of NYS

With schools offering hybrid learning or opting for virtual, the demand for additional resources and tutors has never been higher. And just like how quickly educators and parents had to adapt to the new world of education, so did our team of professionals. That’s why Long Island Tutorial Services is now proud to provide POD tutoring services.

What is POD Tutoring?

A POD is a small group of students (no more than 10) who learn together in a group setting in person or through a virtual group. It allows students to safely experience an intimate classroom feel while holding the student to a schedule, one they might lack without guidance.

For parents, it can help provide virtual support and training that they might not have the means or time to provide their child during the day.

Why Consider a POD Tutor?

With parents heading back to work, or adapting to a work from home schedule, helping your child get used to this new form of education can be limited, leaving families frustrated and working below their potential. Not to mention, with children often being used to a group learning environment, the new at-home model can leave your student feeling isolated and struggling to adapt to their new learning structure.
Customized Packages to Meet Your Students Needs

Feel free to reach out about services for your group or see about joining one of ours. Either way, children will learn in a group setting, allowing for a more social experience. PODs can be virtual or in-person, and depending on the size, group tutoring can be a more affordable option than the one on one approach. Reach out to find the best-customized plan for you and your child, today!