Regents and college entrance exams are fast approaching; Let LI Tutorial Services help

Act early. That’s the advice from education professionals when it comes to getting kids’ help with Regents and college entrance exams fast approaching.

“Unfortunately schools have not met the post-COVID challenges in education,” said Dr. Alesia Olsen of Long Island Tutorial Services, a statewide tutoring agency based in West Sayville, N.Y. “It is imperative that each parent counter the pandemic effects on their child’s progress.”

Here’s the best part about Long Island Tutorial Services:

They come to you, and at competitive prices.

It’s $65/hour for tutoring and $75/hour for SAT or ACT prep.

“Through mutual accommodation we find an appropriate setting, typically their home or a local library”, stated Dr. Olsen, “Our goal is to make every effort to put students and families needs first.”