Schools out! For many students, summer break is a perfect time to unwind and enjoy their free time before lessons begin. However, as important as it is to enjoy your summer days off from schoolwork, there are still ways you can keep your brain sharp over the summer months!

Here are some tips for how you can keep your mind in shape this season:


Read More Books

Reading is an excellent way to keep your mind active and attentive! It’s a great recreational activity that promotes creative thinking and increases your vocabulary and communication skills. Check out your local library or bookstore to see what they have, and refer to some online reading options!

Pick Up a New Hobby

Learning a new skill such as cooking, drawing, or playing an instrument can be a great way to stop burnout during summer break. Since we go months without any proper learning structures, coming back in September after not learning anything new can cause increased stress for students. New hobbies, which can be continued into the school year, relieve stress, promote happiness, and increase confidence boosts. 

Play Memory Games

To keep your brain stimulated, try to play games that exercise your memory, like crossword puzzles or sudoku. Of course, this might not sound too appealing to younger kids, so they can try regular puzzles, math games, or drawing games. Either way, it’s essential to always do something mentally stimulating to keep your brain sharp. 

And when school does come back around again, we here at Long Island Tutorial Services are here to help get your student’s mind sharp again! 

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