Summer Reading Tips for Parents

Ring ring ring! As soon as school ends, kids will feel overjoyed, knowing there are no more quizzes or homework assignments to do for a few months. However, your child should not halt their learning only because they’re out for the summer. Spending thirty minutes a day reading will help your kid improve their reading and memory skills. 

From the educational service providers in Nassau and Suffolk County, we’re here to share five tips to help your child keep up with their summer reading.

1. Locate a Scenic View

Sitting in a small room with limited lighting will not motivate your child to read. Besides, it will cause eye strain as they cannot see the words properly. We recommend you grab a blanket, prepare a small snack, and set up a nice spot outside. The sounds of nature and the sunlight beaming through the trees will certainly make your child excited to read. With a designated area, your child will feel at ease and dive into the world of reading.

2. Read on the Go

You don’t have to let summer reading interfere with your family’s time having fun in the sun! Bring some fun books for your kids to read while you’re traveling– they’ll be entertained, and time will surely fly by for them. You won’t hear “I’m bored!” or “Are we there yet?” every five seconds. We know that is a great perk!

3. Make Reading Fun

Help your child pick out books they will enjoy that match their interests and will help them expand their worldview; just be mindful to check that it’s age appropriate. If you notice your child is struggling to continue with the book and is unenthused about the story, don’t force them to keep reading. Instead, look for a new book to start! You want to make reading fun and not feel like it’s a chore.

4. Grab a Reading Buddy

Sometimes students need accountability; therefore, having a reading buddy is the perfect solution. They can read together and swap books as they finish, allowing them to conversate about the characters or the plot. They’ll enhance their reading skills and social skills, too!

5. Set Goals

Let your child come up with reading goals to create motivation, such as choosing to read five books throughout the summer. They can also use their artistic abilities to make a checklist that can give them a sense of accomplishment when they reach their goals. Perhaps they can draw a storyboard or create a magazine collage to show their engagement with each book.

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