The Summer to School Switch

Summer vacation is such a delightful time for kids. They get to experience new things, soak up new knowledge and have a lot of fun while at it. However, as much as every kid enjoys their time off from school, transitioning back to school after summer can be challenging and overwhelming for them. Waking up early, starting fresh routines, and getting back to learning can be quite a headache. 

So, let’s explore some essential tips on how to make the transition from summer vacation to school easier for your child.

1. Slowly Adjust Sleep Schedule

Start waking up your child earlier, two weeks before school starts. This will help their bodies naturally adjust their circadian rhythm. Gradually, move bedtime schedules about 30 minutes earlier so that by the time school starts, your child is now ready to wake up early.

2. Re-expose Them to Educational Materials

During summer, kids often forget much of what they learned in school. A few weeks before they return to school, reintroduce educational materials that help them re-engage with the school content, whether it be through summer reading books or online assignments.

3. Organize Supporting Materials

Gather all necessary school supplies, clothes, textbooks, and any other supporting materials required for school beforehand. This will make the first few school days less hectic and stressful for the kid.

4. Smoothly Introduce The School Environment

If your child is starting a new school, arrange to physically tour the school or show him a virtual tour. This will help ease anxiety by providing a sense of familiarity with the building, classrooms, and teachers.

5. Plan Positive Activities After School

After-school activities like playdates, sports engagements, and visits to museums can help keep your child excited about the routine of school! 

6. Convey A Positive Message

Be positive and excited about the new school year. Children pick up on feelings around them, and your attitude will influence theirs too. Express interest in their new classes, teachers, and school, and help create a sense of excitement.

7. Encourage Open Communication

Even as you create routines, ensure that you leave room for open communication with your child. If he feels anxious or unsure about school, allow them space to express their feelings and be open to giving guidance. And from here, you can consider looking into private tutoring options

8. Address Back-to-School Anxiety

If you notice that your child is experiencing back-to-school anxiety, it’s essential to address it immediately. Don’t ignore the stress; instead, offer supportive solutions like taking a practice bus ride with them or visiting the teacher before school begins.

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